10721- Amazone zu Pferde, bronze equestrian statue after August Kiss (German,1802-1865)

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Amazone zu Pferde is an 1841 bronze equestrian statue by August Kiss, installed outside the Altes Museum in Berlin, Germany.
It was based on a smaller clay model which August Kiss first built in 1839. Amazone zu Pferde stands opposite its companion statue, Löwenkämpfer.
A bronze copy, cast in 1929, sits in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Zinc copies also exist in England, Italy, and elsewhere in Germany
August Kiss (1802-1865)
August Kiss was trained at the Ironworks in Paprotzan and the Royal Iron Foundry Gleiwitz. He further took lessons in chasing and drawing at the Academy under Leonhard Posch. From 1825 he worked as a student and later as assistant in the workshop of Daniel Rauch. In 1830 Kiss received a teaching position at the Königlichen Gewerbeinstitut in Berlin. He also repeatedly collaborated with his friend and colleague Karl Friedrich Schinkel. The marble version of the fighting Amazone sculpture, one of his masterpieces, is nowadays to be found in the Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp. Moreover Kiss designed the tombs of Karl Friedrich Schinkel and Christian Daniel Rauch.

17 inches (43.2 cm)


13 inches (33 cm)


8 inches (20.3 cm)

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